Playlist Pitching Service For Your Song for $99

Pitch Your Song to 50 playlists
**Please read carefully**
This is not a payola service. If you buy this service i will just send your music to a list of playlist curators.
They will independently choose to add your song to their playlist or not.
If you want to know if you have been added to your playlists with my service, simply check your “sptify for artist account”, your “discovered on” widget, or check your track’s stats on

I only guarantee that your song will be sent to my list of curators.
one of my recent campaign was this:

I have worked with independent labels, majors, and up-and-coming artists.
This service will bring momentum to your music, get you noticed by the algorithm and get you added to the ‘discover weekly’, ‘your daily mix’ playlists. Also i’ve had some artists get into Official Playlists with the push from the playlist pitching campaign.

I have gathered a list of 700 independent curators.
I have been sending them tracks through my private network for over 2 years now.
I feel confident i can send them your track and that you will get added in some playlists.

I will not disclose my playlist list. I have worked very hard to gather these contacts.If you want to buy my list, contact me through DM.

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