Dedicated PowerMTA bulk email SMTP server with multiple IPs for $125

We are offering a PROVEN METHOD of sending bulk emails !

Main Dedicated application server for Email Applications With separate dedicated SMTP Servers (Multiple IPs) with domain names.

Main App Server Includes:
1. Dedicated Linux VPS
2. Vesta Control Panel
3. Interspire Email Marketer or Mailwizz
4. Interspire Quick Uploader addon to upload your email list ultra fast
5. Free Domain Name

SMTP Server Includes:
1. Dedicated Linux VPS with 5 IPs
2. PowerMTA SMTP server
3. IP rotation
4. All Authentication like SPF, DKIM, DMARC and rDNS etc.
5. Free Domain name
6. 1.2M suppression list in powerMTA (Addon Service)
7. Port25 bounce handler which process bounces direct from powerMTA log files (Addon Service)

BENEFITS: Send approximately 1M mails monthly per SMTP server Clean IPs Guaranteed on startup Will provide IP warm-up guides Exceptional Inboxing rates Send secure emails with standard SSL/TLS certificate for each SMTP servers Clean your list from hard bounces by Port25 bounce handler Upload your 1M list in few seconds into your Email server*Prices are monthly basis. Contact me for discounted prices.

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