Your Social Media Manager And Content Designer for $60

About This Service:

Running your business is a full-time job. Everyone knows they need to be
on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedIn, Pinterest and other social
media platforms. That’s where your target audience is. And that’s where
you need to be if you are to connect and grow prospects for your brand.

I will help you achieve a formidable social media presence and promote
your brand by creating professionally crafted posts suitable for the
growth of your business, and designed to help you gain more attention

This gig is for 30 days where posting will be done on all your accounts
such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc once a day or as
per your requirement. I also accept custom orders.

My services include:

1. Page Optimization of your accounts.
2. Remove spamming and foul content posted by others.
3. Daily posting of relevant content (using top relevant hashtags)
4. Increase followers organicly
5. Increased engagement
6. Designing Photos


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