Change Your Song From Male Voice To Female Voice and Vice Versa, Or to The Chipmunks Voice for $4

Hi There, My Name Is Rehiga, And I am is a skilled student in Music And Videos.
Now I Open Side jobs for my next Collage. I Want to join the Favorite Campus in my country, So I made a New Jobs in here.

I will Change your Song’s voice from boy to girl voice, or girl to boy’s voice
or make a funny chipmunk version of any audio songs or voice tracks that you send me.

You Can Request to make the Boy/Girl voice heavier / deeper
Or Make the Boy/Girl voice Lighter
Or Make the Voice like Kids Voice (Depend on the Voice)

What You Have To Provide Me:
– Your Song Or Voice
– Want to Convert To Female, Male, or The Chipmunks Voice

I Will Only Change The Pitch To the Correct Pitch ( Depend on your orders )
So The Quality Of The Audio Is Not Tampered With,

I Provide The Quality Of Work.

Have Any Questions? Please, Don’t Hesitate to Send Any Message.
I hope you get Satisfied.

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