I Will Promote your IndieGoGo GoFundMe or KickStarter Crowdfunding Campaign on Social Media for $5

Do you have a LIVE crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or other crowdfunding websites?
Do you need help with promoting your campaign to the people who actually cares the causes?

If you're shouting yourself "yes" to the above questions, then don't stop, keep reading!

I am here to help you with marketing your crowdfunding or charity campaign to the people who actually cares about you.

⭐All my packages include:
Crowdfunding campaign reviewUse of #hashtags to get more trafficI send proof of my work (screenshots/1st day of delivery) ⭐ BASIC PACKAGE

30 Facebook posts + 10 tweets (split in 2 days)⭐ STANDARD PACKAGE
BASIC PACKAGE X 2 (split in 4 days)+ I’ll tell my IG followers about your crowdfunding campaign
⭐⭐ PREMIUM PACKAGE (THE BEST ONE!) ⭐⭐6 days of promotion90 FB posts30 tweets2 IG postsFB and IG story1 share on LinkedInYour campaign link will be at the top of my crowdfunding group x 7 daysWhat do we need from you?
send me your campaign link, a short description and one image! Thank you

Disclaimer: We can’t guarantee you will be funded & can’t force people to like, fund or click on link of your campaign. You ordering Shares NOT DONATIONS!

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