Provide any Amazon Store Real PPC Business Keywords Reports from Amazon for $125

ank you for checking out my service and I guarantee that you will be blown away by the information offered in the PPC & Business reports.

What will you find out from the PPC & Business Reports?
1. Real sales data & sponsored ads for all products in the store (YES, the whole store – NOT only one ASIN).

2. STORE BUSINESS REPORT – See your competitor’s conversion rates, page views, and sessions to know where you can improve.
Sponsored Products Advertised product report / Sponsored Products Advertised product report/ Sponsored Products Advertised product report

3 See which keywords bring your competitor the most sales, See what are the real impressions, clicks, sales, and ACoS of each search term.

4. Stop wasting money on PPC testing and take advantage of your competitors’ proven data from the FIRST day.

Recommendation: Choose one of your competitors which does THE MOST PPC advertising because his store has the most data and it will be the most helpful for you and save your big cost.

The service is just for ONE STOREFRONT for any marketpalce

IF you you need asin’s just reaching to me for that .

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