Ultimate Traffic Solution 1-2-3 Combined for 30 days for $25

Ultimate Traffic Solution 1-2-3 Combined for 30 days

It’s not about the type or class of your Content! Receiving the best quality of traffic is always useful for your websites or blog. For this reason, we are offering the ultimate traffic solution for you. With this 1-2-3 method, your websites & blogs will not feel alone in this vast internet world!

What is 1-2-3 traffic solution?
1- We will send you traffic from mobile devices. Like- android, ios, smart tv, etc. You can expect 150 to 300 mobile traffic daily.
2- You will receive traffic from all over the world. You can expect 2000 to 2500 traffic daily.
3- You will receive traffic from the USA continent- as an added cherry on the top. You can expect 1000 to 1200 traffic daily.

That means- you can expect 3150 to 4000 traffic daily for 30 long days.

The traffic will start within 24-36 hours after buying the service. (But during holiday or any technical problem, it could be much longer.)

When we deliver the job, we will provide you with separate tracking links, thus you can also monitor the traffic.

1. What do I need to give you for the task to start?
Answer: Only the website URL is needed where you want the traffic.

2. Can you send me some samples?
Answer: Sorry, we can’t.

3. What is the source of this traffic?
ANSWER: The social networks/ media, search engines, etc.

4. Are the traffics come from BOTS?
ANSWER: NO, we use actual human members with unique IP addresses.

5. Can I split the traffic to multiple URLs for a single order?
Answer: NO, you can’t.

6. Is it Google Adsense safe?
ANSWER: Yes, this traffic is Adsense safe.

7. Is the traffic safe for an affiliate link with Adsense banners on it?
ANSWER: Yes, these are safe traffic.

8. Do you guarantee any AdSense-earning?
ANSWER: Sorry, we don’t give any guarantee for Adsense-earning.

9. Can you send traffic to ads.fly, add.ly?
Answer: NO, we don’t send any traffic to add.ly, ads.fly, etc.

10. Can you send traffic to my Instagram page?
Answer: NO, its banned in seoclerks.

11. Can you send traffic to the facebook business page?
Answer: NO, its banned in seoclerks.

12. Can this service be used for the VIDEO LINKS/ youtube video?
Answer: NO, you cant.

13. What types of websites/links does this service accept?
Answer: We accept ALL kinds of sites except popup ads contains- video links.

14. Can I get a report for this service?
ANSWER: Yes, you will get tracking links for your website, when I deliver the job.

We do not guarantee any kind of- sales, signups, conversions, downloads, etc.

If you still have any more questions, feel free to contact/ message me anytime!

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