50+ Social Sharing Sites That Boost SEO & Drive Traffic for $89

Anyone that's ever tried their hand at SEO knows that it's complex, to say the least.

So, when tools come along that make the art of search engine optimization a little easier, we stand up and take notice.

Social bookmarking sites are one of these tools that can have an impact on digital marketing because it fuels one of SEO's most important elements – backlinks.

Social bookmarking sites are a way for people to search, discover, gather and organize webpages of interest using virtual "bookmarks."

Social media works great for social bookmarking.

Take, for example, Pinterest.

Pinterest is arguably the most popular social bookmarking site ever.

Sites like Pinterest, and a few others we're going to tell you about, are important for SEO.

When you're listed on, or have content shared through a bookmarking site, it not only generates a backlink (typically nofollowed) but can also result in massive increases in traffic back to your site.

Social bookmarking sites also help you build up quality backlinks, which is another major component of earning Page 1 status from search engines.

But don't be fooled.

Search engines are looking to these sites for more than link signals.

A quick search for social bookmarking sites will yield hundreds of results.

So, how do you know which social bookmarking sites are worth it?

Start by taking a look at the 50+ of our favorites we've gathered below.

My Top 23 Social Sites

1. Twitter

Twitter is huge.

While it might not be the first site that pops into your mind for submitting content, it has a large audience and is an efficient platform for posting.

Many people use it to post links, content, and images that they find interesting and worthy of a revisit in the future.

2. Pinterest

As the quintessential social bookmarking site, Pinterest has an average monthly user base of 175 million, roughly 80 percent of them females.

In its lifetime, more than 50 billion pins have appeared on Pinterest.

3. StumbleUpon/Mix

StumbleUpon is one of the more popular bookmarking sites, in part because it's so easy and intuitive to use.

Look for the same commitment to usability as StumbleUpon becomes Mix in summer 2018.

4. Dribble

The go-to bookmarking site for creative types, especially designers.

If you like to explore with graphic and visual design, or you have someone on your team that does, Dribble is a great spot to get some SEO backlink action.

5. Delicious

Delicious is great booking marking site when you're looking to build up maximum traction on your content.

6. Pocket

Appropriately named, when you put something in your Pocket, it's there to be found later.

Users of Pocket can hold onto anything they find on the internet or through various apps.

Bonus points for the fact that once something's in your Pocket, you don't need an internet connection to access it.

7. Digg

Got great content?

Then it belongs on Digg.

Digg is the addictive social bookmarking site that's perfect for sharing your captivating content with a highly engaged audience.

8. Folkd

The Folkd bookmarking site contains a unique social search feature that works much like a typical search engine, except the results don't come from a complex, machine-driven system of analytics.

Instead, top results display quality content that users of Folkd have bookmarked.

The more saves a piece gets, the higher it's rank in their social search, which helps connect their visitors with even more quality content.

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