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How many URLs and keywords can I use?
We do not limit your URLs and keywords. Keep in mind that the more URLs you provide, the more you dilute the links, so make your decisions accordingly. But we suggest using 1 URL and 5 keywords for better results. And we also discourage to use 1 URL and 1 keyword because Google penalizes over-optimization.

Do you accept all the NICHES?
Sorry, we do not work on Loan, escort, lottery, adult, sex toys, Tinder type site, transSensation, gamble, casino, porn, adult content, adult image, adult chatting site, poker, gay, bet, prediction, bar category, wine, alcohol, beer, vodka, cannabis, weed, movie, streaming, insurance, concert, music, song, fortune-telling, religion, magic, psychic etc sites. etc sites.

Please contact us before purchasing if you are confused about your niche.

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