Email verification and list cleaning 200k for $10

Hi, I am Subhajit Banerjee. In this Gig, the services that I provide are:-
Validation checks that meet the Accuracy!
Duplicate Remove:-Removes all duplicate email addresses automatically and it comes free of costCatch-All Verification:-Identify the catch-all type addresses to avoid emailing thereby improving the overall deliverability hygieneSyntax Validation:-Fully cleans your email list by conforming invalid syntax to the standard formatRemove Dots:- Normalize the account name by removing the dots of the Gmail address to avoid multiple email addresses pointing to the same inboxRemove Sub address:-Normalizes sub address from the Gmail/Outlook/Yahoo/iCloud to avoid multiple email addresses pointing to the same inboxMailbox Existence:-Verifies the email addresses to check if there is a mailbox that exists or not.Kind Regards,
Subhajit Banerjee

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