create your shopify dropshipping store with free month for $70

1)I will create your s.h.o.pi.f.y account with one moth subscription Free

2)Install Free s.h.o.pi.f.y Theme Minimal

3)Install The o.b.e.r.l.o s.h.o.pi.f.y

4)Add Ali express product To your Store With o.b.e.r.l.o

5)Add Product Collection

6)Edit Your Product Page

7)Add Free Trust Badges To Your Product Page

8)Add Free Shipping To your Orders

9)Set Up s.h.o.pi.f.y Payments & P.a.y.p.a.l

10)Add Branding To Your Store Checkout

11)Create An About Us Page

12)Create A Contact Us Page

13)Add Menus To Your Store

14)Create Your Store Design & Homepage

15) Add A Store logo

16)Add Facebook Messenger Live chat

17)Select A Payment Plan

18)Send Your Store Live!

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