I will create 10 web 2.0 blogs with login for $10

If you looking for web 2.0 backlink to build high-quality backlinks to your site, and boost your organic SEO rankings. So you are in the right place. Web 2.0 is medium strength backlink. You need 40%-50% web 2.0 backlink to rank your website.

About This service
Manually created super web 2.0 blogs by our trained staff (no bot/software)We use random IP for each blog creation (dedicated private proxy)2 manually spun 500+ words niche related article on each web 2.0 (for better relevancy)Relevant images and videos will be used in the content (whenever possible)About, contact and privacy policy pages for each blog (where ever possible)Populate the blog with relevant content like info-graphics, videos, images and quotes (filler content)Natural outbound linking to authority sites (so it looks natural)White label excel report with live links and logins (mail, username and password)WHY SUPER WEB 2.0 SITES?
A web 2.0 becomes "super" when it becomes more than one page. Our super sites will pass strong juice from layers below them straight to your main site. Extremely safe technique because you are not getting a large number of links directly to your site but quality contextual backlinks from high DA Web 2 properties with contents related to your niche.


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