Private RDP WINDOWS 4 core cheap and renewable for $10

Operating System : Windows Server 2012 R2
– CPU : Intel Xeon 2,7 GHz with 4 Core !!!
– RAM : 4 GB
– 1 IP Public IPv4

* RENEWABLE services

You can create these list in this VPS :
Database server,
VPN Server,
FTP Server,
Game Server,
bitcoin mining,
Support line,
telegram bot,
Support Forex bot,
SEO tools,
Re-Upload/Download your file to Internet.

TOS/Disclaimer :

1. No Shutdown.

2. No Porn/Carding/DDoS/Hacking or other illegal activity.

3. Violation this TOS can suspend your account and no refund

4. Just connect with original windows rdp software (can’t other software) or you can used RD Client (android apps)

5. Data center : US

6. This service is unmanaged server.

7. Full administrator account

8. Private VPS (this machine is for 1 user, not shared to another user)

9. You received this machine in 2 hours (min) – 48 hours (max)

10. Guarantee 10 days since you received the accounts.

11. Let me know 7 days before if you want to renew this RDP.

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