Rank on Google first page by exclusive Link Pyramid for $29

Boost your ranking on Google with High-quality backlinks. Get increase in ranking within
30 days. No need to pay
thousands of dollars to big SEO companies. We don’t waste your time and money
like other SEO services. We provide real SEO that brings results. We just do
the exact, what Google needs to rank a site onTOP.

What you will get with this service?

You will get 2 links from each post. (2 Links X15posts = 30 Links)

2- 10 High-quality backlinks from DA 30+social bookmarking sites. Title and description will be spin each time before posting.

3- 5 to 10 High-quality do-follow backlinks from 5 DA 35+ Article directories.

You will get 2 links from each post. (2 Links X5posts = 10 Links)

– We will collect an article from scraper and than spin it. If you have your own article then you can provide us for the

4- 5000 wiki Backlinks on tier-2 which will be drip feed for 1 month to give this campaign more
power.”You will get a complete report of all tier-1 backlinks excluding
wiki links”.

5- We will also put our strong Google ranking strategy with this campaign to make your site top for targeted keywords. No
reports will be provided for the hidden strategy as the backlinks will be
placed on our private blog network and promoted through high authority personal
social media accounts. This includes promotion in private blog networks, social
media sites, and popular social networking sites.​Here we will build your social link popularity to boost your ranking.

Our simple SEO tactics asper the SEO expertsays:-

High-quality linkbuilding+ Social mediapromotion= Top ranking on Google

No one here on SEOCLERKS is providing both theservices together. We are doing it for a low price. riadmonir are known for

Why you should order from us?I will give you4 strong reasons to order our service rather than others:

1- All our backlinks are built manually with only High PR sites and use unique content. That’s the
key Google really wants.

2- We do both Link building and social promotion. We take your SEO campaign 1 step advanced from your competitors.

3- Our backlinks strategy is panda+penguinfriendly.Your site is safe with us. Not a single spam link we will build for
you. Each
and every backlink will carry high quality.

4- Our quick indexing method will get your site top ranking within a few weeks. No need to wait for months. ​

Frequently Asked Questions.

1- How much time you will take to deliver the project?

We will complete the link building within 10-12days and deliver you the link report.

2- How much time it will take to see the ranking results?

Once we complete the link building, please wait for 19 days to see any improvement in ranking.

3- Do you accept Adult, Betting Sites?

Yes, We do accept all kinds of sites.

4- Do you accept Non-English Sites andKeywords?

Yes, We accept non-English keywords, but content used for SEO will be in English.

5- My website is new what should I expect?

If your website is new and no SEO is done in the past, then it will take multiple SEO campaigns and 3-4 months to rank on
Google. New
domains or sites with no link profile first need to gain trust on Google by
building regular links on a monthly basis. Once you do it for the first 2-3 months,
then Google will start showing your site onGoogle. For new websites, the rank can’t be seen in the first campaign. Be
patient and consistent about it.

6- Will I get 1stpage ranking with one order?

May be Yes, or No!

Your website will not rank 1st page with the first SEO campaign. Every website has to build trust with regular link building
reach the 1st page. Each time you do SEO it will push your ranking and with
few campaigns, you achieve 1st page.

7- Can you rank any keyword?

Every keyword has competition. This is a$15service, It can help you rank low competitive or long-tail keywords.
of 4-5 phrases are good to go with this service. If your keywords have
competition, you can check our higher SEO packages.

8- Do you offer refunds?

Once we start the link building, No refund will be allowed. You are paying for the links. We work, we get paid!

Please Note:-

Go with a long tail, low competitive keywords for best results. and build links to the exact webpage you want to rank. Don’t
links to the homepage if not needed.”Google ranks relevant pages, not
sites”. If you have a question , feel free to send us a message.

Our guarantee:
You will get all the links as stated on the service page. If your webpage is properly optimized, keywords are well
researched, and
you have some current ranking, then service will definitely get you some best
improvement in ranking.

Each and every question will be answered within a few hours.

Let our service a try… You won't get disappointed… This is our promise to you…..


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