I will write a high quality 2000 word content article in native English for $15

My name is Alan and I’m a prolific blogger and copywriter with over 5 years experience in crafting news worthy articles and various written content that can be found all across the web. I bring elegant form and function to create bottom-line benefit for my clients with domain knowledge and content that search engines love to rank.

With this gig you will receive a beautifully written article that is meticulously crafted and tailored to your specifications. I will dive deep into the web to do thorough research on your topic of choice in order to write a highly desirable masterpiece that you will be proud to showcase or guest-post on any website of choice.

“Language is a work of art and should be regarded as such.” – Schopenhauer (PPii, §289a)

“Every unfamiliar subject or concept should be clearly defined; and neither discussed as if the reader knew all about it already nor stylistically disguised. … No idea should be presented more than once in the same prose passage. … Sentences and paragraphs should be linked together logically and intelligibly. … The order of ideas in a sentence should be such that the reader need not rearrange them in his mind.” – R. Graves & A. Hodge (TROYS)

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